First of all you need to make sure that module rewrite is enabled on your server. If its not you need to enable it.

To see if mod_rewrite is enable or not follow below instructions:

  1. To check if mod_rewrite module is enabled, create a new php file in your root folder on your server. Enter the following in php file

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

  2. Access your created file from your browser.

  3. Ctrl/Cmd F to open a search. Search for 'mod_rewrite'. If it is enabled you see it as 'Loaded Modules'

  4. If not, open httpd.conf (Apache Config file) and look for the following line.

    #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

  5. Remove the pound ('#') sign at the start and save the this file.

  6. Restart your apache server.

  7. Access the same php file in your browser.

  8. Search for 'mod_rewrite' again. You should be able to find it now.

If you can't find it or find out difficult to enable, contact your hosting to get it enabled.

if mod_rewrite is enabled then you can follow below instructions.

If you are installing IRFGenerator in a directory and installation leads to 404 error message please follow below to fix your issue:[my folder]

Then you need to change .htaccess file like this


RewriteBase /




RewriteBase /[myfolder]/


Where [myfolder] is the name of your installation directory.