Create a MySQL Database

  • Log into cPanel.
  • Under Databases, click MySQL Databases.

  • In the New Database field, type a name for the database and click Create Database.

  • Click Go Back.The new database will appear in the Current Databases table.

Create a Database User

  • Click Jump to MySQL Users in the top-right corner of the page.

  • Under Add New User, enter a username.

  • Enter a password in the Password field. For help generating a strong password, click the Generate Password button.
  • Retype the password in the Password (Again) field.
  • Click Create User.

Define a User's Privileges

Privileges determine how a user is able to interact with the database. For example, privileges will dictate whether or not the user can add and delete information.

Assign Privileges to Database User

  • Under Add User to Database, select a user from the User drop-down menu.
  • From the Database drop-down menu, select the database to which you wish to allow the user access.
  • Click Add.

  • From the MySQL Account Maintenance screen, select the privileges you wish to grant the user, or select ALL PRIVILEGES.

Click Make Changes.