Currently we support migration from the scripts given below, if you want to migrate from some other script please send us feature request and we will try our best to make the migration for you.

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Lets get started!

In the Quizier package you will find "Migration API's" folder that have all the supported migrations related files.

Migration from Buzzy

Open buzzy directory from "Migration API's" and upload "api.php" file on your buzzy script in "/routes" folder. That's it on your buzzy script now you need to replace API URL in Quizier Settings.


Your Buzzy API URL will be: "" replace with your website URL.

Logon to your Quizier and open admin panel. From admin panel navigate to Settings > Migrations and in "Migrate from Buzzy" replace the Buzzy API URL with your buzzy url.

How to Import

Login to your admin panel and navigate to System > Buzzy Migration correct configuration will show you the list of items from your script, select the one you want to import and click Import Selected Button or click Import to import one by one.