For Logic Quiz and Facebook login you need to create a Facebook App, to create on please go to and click My Apps in top menu.

From My Apps page click on “Add New App” section and click “For Everything Else” as you can see in screenshots below:

On next screen you will be asked for App Name and App Contact Email address, please enter both and click “Create App ID” button.

Note: If you have a verified Facebook Business you can select your business account in the next option which is an optional step.

After you click Create App ID button Facebook might ask for your password and/or a Security Check. Please verify the reCaptcha and/or Enter your account password to complete Security Check.

After this step you will be taken to Add a Product page, please click “Setup Up” button in Facebook Login box.


Click the Web icon and enter your website URL with https protocol, click save.

From left navigation click the Settings link Under Facebook Login section:

On settings page you need to enter “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs” that you can get from your admin panel.

You can get your OAuth URL from your Quizier Admin panel, Login to your admin account and click Settings > General > Login and you will see Callback URL field that is readonly as shown in below screenshot. Copy that URL and enter in your Facebook App “Valid OAuth Redirect URLs” and click “Save Changes on bottom of the page.

NOTE: Facebook require you to have SSL installed and the redirect URL must be HTTPS.


This is it for the Login Configuration now you can get the Facebook App ID and Secret and update in your Quizier Login tab and enter the details. From the same page you can copy the App ID and App Secret. 

Note: For app review and approval you need to upload your app icon, privacy policy and terms and condition of app usage. For this setting please navigate to Settings > Basic from left navigation.


If you are using Age Group and Gender in Logic quizzes you will need to request both permissions from Facebook and get them approved in order to use them. To do that please go to App Review > Permissions and Features search for “user_gender”and click Request button and similarly search for “user_age_range” and click Request. For both new permissions Facebook require you to provide how app will use both permissions and you will have to provide a test case and/or video where you need to show how app use both permissions.

To get started click the “Continue” link for both permissions and upload the required document. You can read Facebook guideline for permissions request here.

This is it now you can request Facebook to Review you app.