In this quick how-to guide, you will discover how to create stunning polls with Quizier, such as this one:

There are many other options for what Polls can look like on Quizier, read on to find out!

Polls allow you to present your readers with a question - or a series of questions - using images and text. They then have an opportunity to have their voices heard.

The first step to to click on the "create" button on the top right side of, and from there, click on "Poll".

Before you begin adding a question and answer options to your poll, you can customize the layout, colors and background.

There are three layouts to choose from, Classic, Round results and Square results images. 

It's now time to populate your poll with text by crafting a compelling, interesting or controversial question with corresponding, relevant answers.

When using the grid layout, your answers can also include a captivating image to help guide readers.

Once your poll has the question and answers of your choice, you are ready to publish.