Creating a List on the Quizier platform is a great way to bring a classic listicle to new heights.

While listicles are typically limited to just a few types of content, a Quizier List gives you the flexibility to utilize a wide range of media. Create a list of images, GIFs, Tweets, Quotes, Videos, iFrame Embed, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flip Cards, and more.

To begin working on a List, click List on the create button.

After you have selected List, you can choose from 4 options: Simple, Numbered, Bulleted, or Interactive.

Above each element you add to your item, you will notice a small arrow in the top right. Clicking the arrow will allow you to choose one of these three types of lists.

Numbered List

For a Numbered list, click on the icon list icon with numbers 1,2,3 in it:

Ensure that each section has your desired list function enabled, because this does not happen automatically. You can also customize the color of your rank boxes to fit in well with your story.

Bulleted List

To create a Bulleted list, click on the icon with the three bullet points:

Bulleted lists are a great option for lists that don't necessarily need numbering or ranking.

Interactive List

To create an Interactive list, click on the icon with the upward facing arrow that says '24k'.

An Interactive list provides an engaging experience in which your audience can 'upvote' or 'downvote' different parts of the list. Everyone gets their say, and the list gets re-ordered in real time!

Feel free to include lists within articles, or create articles solely composed of a list.

And that's it! Once your list is complete, you can click the green 'Save' button to publish your list.