What's a Trivia Quiz?

Just like the ones you know from school, only way more fun. This type of quiz can be used for questions with definitive answers (right or wrong), with customized results telling your readers how well they did!

Why create a Trivia?

To challenge your readers with entertaining trivia questions that will give them something to brag about at the end! This is the best way to give your readers the opportunity to test and prove their knowledge about any topic or interest within the context of whatever your story is about.

How do I create a Trivia?

To get started, click on "create" button, and click Trivia icon.

Let's get started!

To get started, add a creative title to draw readers in (as seen below).

Next, it's time to write your trivia questions! Click on the blue "plus" button, as seen below, to write your first question.

Notice you can italicize and bold the text of your question!

Once you've written your question, you can upload a background image by clicking on the camera icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Instead of uploading media, you can choose a background color by clicking on the color box icon in the bottom left hand corner.

Once you've finished writing your question, write each of the possible answers immediately below the question.

You can delete answers by clicking on the "X" that appears on the right side of each answer.

Make sure to mark the correct answer by clicking the "correct" circle; you can mark more than one answer as correct.

To make your answers appear as tiles with accompanying images, click on the icon of four squares above your answers. This is a great way to make your Trivia more visual.

Don't forget to mark the correct answer(s)!

Now it's time to add more questions to your Trivia! Just click on the "plus" button.

After writing all of your questions, it's time to wrap up with final scores! These are scores your readers will receive at the end of your Trivia, telling them how well they did.

Click on "Final score" at the top of your Trivia, then "plus" button and then add different result screens based on how many answers were answered correctly. For each result screen you can add text and media!

In addition to telling them how well they did, this is also a great place to add an optional, strong call to action to keep your audience reading!

To add more final score results, simply click "plus" button.

And that's everything you need to know in order to create an awesome Trivia!