Starting October 24, Facebook has dropped support for unauthenticated WordPress embeds. Thus, if you’re embedding Facebook and Instagram content on your Quizier site, they’ll break.


More specifically, the old Facebook oEmbed endpoints are being replaced by new ones that require authentication via Facebook. As Facebook owns Instagram, the same requirements apply for Instagram oEmbed endpoints too.

In this article, we’ll cover how to update Quizier Facebook and Instagram oEmbed endpoints.

Let’s get ready!

How to fix Facebook/Instagram oEmbed

Since version 3.1.0 Quizier has added a new settings to enable Facebook/Instagram oEmbed endpoints. You can easily set your access token in from Admin > Settings > General > oEmbed tab, now has the Instagram Access Token field.

How to get Access Token

Make sure you use the same Facebook App that you use for the Quizier login and if you are not using Facebook Login then simply add the Facebook App ID under Settings > General > Login tab.

Here is the official documentation by Facebook to get the oEmbed token.

In order to access the endpoint you must add the oEmbed Product to your app. You can do this by signing into the App Dashboard, selecting your app, clicking the Products link, locating oEmbed, and adding the Product.

To get a Client Access Token, sign into your App Dashboard and navigate to Settings > Advanced > Security > Client Token. Copy the Client Token field and enter under Quizier oEmbed tab, another thing you want to do is enter your website IP address in Server IP Allow List as shown in below screenshot.

After adding the Access Token the oEmbed module will be able to embed the Facebook/Instagram post.